To win $ 24,000 at 24option

To win $ 24,000 at 24option

binary-63530_960_720No month goes by without a new trading competition by 24option. And also in this edition of the well-known broker brings back OnlineScam tons of cash prizes among its clientele. In April, there are the short-term options that are on the agenda of the participating traders at the top.

A reward that is waiting for those dealers who reach the greatest number of successful trades 60 seconds throughout the month. Positions with a duration of 60 seconds will be counted only the end in the money. In addition, it is necessary that the use in such an option reaches at least 100 EUR.

Cash prizes await the top three traders with 24option

After the lower limit on bets at 24option 24 euros, it is therefore not sufficient from only risking the minimum investment, if you want to end up with the competition up front.For the best and most successful traders can make big money. In addition to the profits from their expired in the money positions in the top three in the final receive cash prizes 5000-24000 US dollars.

While the number one gets paid $ 24,000 on the podium, the second can look forward to the podium over $ 10,000 and the third place finally gets his bronze medal with $ 5,000 gold.

Trading Competition runs from 1 to 30 April

Gifted from the ranks 4 to 15 24option traders with bonus money, lie between 500 (4th place) and 250 (15th place). As patron and presenter of action acts the former German tennis number one in the world Boris Becker, who has signed a marketing agreement with 24option last year and since then occurs for the broker in various commercials.
To participate in the trading contest all customers are entitled 24option. They also do not require separate registration for this. The only requirement is a properly activated trading account. If so, then the counting of the 60 second trader starts with a profit of forming itself.

It responds for the period between 1 and 30 April. Possibility of entry is also when the account is opened within the contest period, the period for collecting Binary options is now just less.

With bonus rates there to observe certain conditions

After the month informed 24option all winners by phone, email or through any other means of communication on their prices and transfers these then to the trader. The gains to 500 US dollars bonus money and are therefore subject to the sales conditions of 24option. To arrange for their payment, it is necessary to use a given multiple of it in trading. Which rules apply here in detail, (Conditions) can be read by 24option in terms. The cash prizes from $ 5,000 to bring no such restriction entails.

Is the setup of trading, underlying and expiration time only once elected, then the negotiation process of the trade shows quite simple. First, the forecast price event is determined with a single click, with a simple digital option as call for a rising price, whereupon on the platform itself opens a menu in which all terms are summarized again.Here then is the line on which the application amount is determined. A special feature of Tradologic it is that at this point the possibility of several options on the same underlying, the same course event and to purchase with the same expiration time in series.